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Márcia Lança with Ana Rita Teodoro
9 Possible Portraits

9 Possible Portraits is made out of nine performances that are snippets of my own personal experience in nine different European cities. When I say “personal experiences” I mean my personal visions, which were framed by the constructed perspectives of reality I had contact with during the project Global City – Local City. By using the word “possible” in the title and by using it also as a practice, I intend to move way from the construction of a city based on totalization and homogenization. I intend to stay away from ideas of uniformity. I want to state that several artistic choices were made during the dramaturgical process that led me into one among many possible portraits of a city experience. Regarding the process, I should mention that this work has been driven by actions of extraction and removal – what I think of as artistic archeology – on which I take away materials from its contexts and work them, creating new situations where different meanings and senses are evoked.

Everyday in Spielart, nine short city portraits, which derive from my interpretation and consequent transformations of information, will be shared in an intimate ambience. A total of 126 performances will take place in a container during the Spielart Festival.


in the container

16.11 to 30.11

Monday to Friday – 16pm to 20pm

UTRECHT 4pm - "I'm not there"
RIGA 4.30pm - "Ar Ko Atskirsies Ritdiena?"
MARIBOR 4.50pm - "City Score"
MUNICH 5.20pm - "Bavarian-Trainning with a foreigner"
DERRY 5.40pm - "Exactly the same but tottaly different"
LISBOA 6pm - "Bairro Santa Filomena"
HELSINKI 6.30pm - "Possible Lifes"
TALLIN 7pm - "My name is Kalevipoeg, the ones that call me devil are fools"
LONDON 7.30pm - "Very Good Meditation Session"

Saturday and Sunday – 14pm to 20pm

UTRECHT 2pm - "I'm not there"
RIGA 2.40pm - "Ar Ko Atskirsies Ritdiena?"
MARIBOR 3.20pm - "City Score"
MUNICH 4pm - "Bavarian-Trainning with a foreigner"
DERRY 4.40pm - "Exactly the same but tottaly different"
LISBOA 5.20pm - "Bairro Santa Filomena"
HELSINKI 6pm - "Possible Lifes"
TALLIN 6.40pm - "My name is Kalevipoeg, the ones that call me devil are fools"
LONDON 7.20pm - "Very Good Meditation Session"


Project | Márcia Lança
Artistic Collaboration | Ana Rita Teodoro
Production | VAGAR & SPIELART Festival (Munich) Special programme for the 10th edition of the SPIELART Festival with support of the Cultural Department of the City of Munich and the BMW Group.
Residencies | EDIFÍCIO – Fórum Dança & O Rumo do Fumo and 30 da Mouraria

This project is part of the initiative GLOBAL CITY – LOCAL CITY and has been funded with support of the European Commission.
Thanks to Anna Konjetzky, Bernardo Marques, Dominik Zizka, Eva Neklyaeva, Gonçalo Antunes, Guilherme da Luz, João Calixto | Fosso de Orquestra, Jørgen Knudsen, Rita Gonzaga Gaspar, Thomas Walgrave

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