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Márcia Lança & Jørgen Knudsen
We don't know what we want but we know when we get it

We will focus on revealing the beauty that is there but not normally visible. CALMA BABY is a project that wants to continue going deeper and deeper into nature. To challenge the way we look at CULTURE, as it is a part of nature. Like: if there’s an avalanche in nature there’s an avalanche because of tension in the rocks. If there’s an avalanche in culture expression then it’s a metaphor. We don’t want to work with metaphors and treating life as a problem. No underlines, just the meaning of life – the beauty.

Together we’ve developed a language that we call Process Specific Work, is a concept that reflects our way of working. At the moment we are looking to landscape as culture projected on nature. When we look at nature we can have the feeling that nature is looking at us, and it’s from this awareness that we’ve been working. The dramaturgical process happens from a triangular concept: onlooker, nature and culture. The triangular concept is still a procedural concept, meaning that is an ongoing research. For the moment what we know is: When lookers look to a cultural object that wants to represent nature a landscape is created or a constructed culture is projected on nature. If we try to clean the intermediate image between lookers and nature by presenting, and not representing nature, we create a state of pure understanding of what is being seen – nature.


"In the Yaggdrasil Tree" - Tryangle Marseille, La Gare Franche

"The Ever Ending Story" - Festival Les Informelles, Théâtre des Bernardines
"Taste Concert" - Sørforkonfort Oslo - Deichmanske bibliotek, Grünerløkka 




Project | Márcia Lança & Jørgen Knudsen
Performace | Márcia Lança & Jørgen Knudsen
Sound | Jørgen Knudsen
Voice | Márcia Lança

CALMA BABY is a Process Specific Work.
Thanks to
Dani Brown, Marion Lubat, Simon Rummel, Stefan Schwarz

27 FEB' 16 . Oslo
Sørforkonfort - Deichmanske bibliotek, Grünerløkka

31 MAY' 13 . Marselha
Théâtre des Bernardines - Festival Les Informelles

23 JUN' 12 . Marselha
Tryangle - La Gare Franche

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