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Global City - Local City is a collaboration project between 8 festivals, organizing intensive seminars - City Labs - about the specific characteristics and problems of their respective cities and focusing on specific city quarters and artistic approaches. The project started in last September 2012. Until January 2014 the City Labs are taking place in Utrecht, Riga, Maribor, Munich, Derry, Lisbon, Helsinki, Tallinn and London. Different city quarters and artistic approaches.  A group of 15 artists - among whom Márcia Lança - follows the entire cycle of Labs. In a later phase each of the participating festivals will invite one or two of these artists for a residency to work on a specific city. The results will then be presented as part of a larger city art program in each festival. GC-LC is a proposal for the artistic exploration of the social, ecological, political and civic realities in different cities.

Global City – Local City is the fourth project of the festival network Theater/Festivals in Transition (FIT), a network of initially eight theatre festivals of eight European countries which has been initiated by the SPIELART Festival in Munich in 2005.

At Derry Lab the invited artists collaborated with BOAT MAGAZINE on the ellaboration of the article "Derry Through Objects". 11 international artists were asked to meet with local people and asked them to share one object that opens up a memory of the Derry they know.


22 JUL' 13 . Londres

10 JUN' 13 . Tallin
August Dance Festival

04 JUN' 13 . Helsínquia
Baltic Circle

08 APR' 13 . Lisboa

04 MAR' 13 . Londonderry
LIFT Festival

06 JAN' 13 . Munique

25 NOV' 12 . Maribor

14 OCT' 12 . Riga
Homo Novus

16 SEP' 12 . Utrecht
Spring Performing Arts Festival

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