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joão calixto & márcia lança
Mecânica 1
According to Giuseppe Antonio Borgnis (1781-1863), mechanics is a science studying balance and movement.

MECÂNICA is a project of investigation and creation based on study of construction of machines. We propose a research about capabilities and hypothesis of machinery as a poetic language. The investigation is based on mechanic scenography and history of these sources in the western theatre and artistic and performance practices in general. We search for the relation between technology and speech, effect and poetry, science and art. We expose the practice of mechanics; mechanics as a manipulation and movement, as a method of plastic construction and as a material. The machine functions as an actor. MECÂNICA aims to reveal this research by embodying a proposal of mechanic movement synthesis as a performing agent.

Following one another, there are events originated by manipulation of various elements that compose the object in a structure no bigger that bodies of the two interprets. The speech refers mainly to the things that surround us, objects we use, the way we act. Technology is perceived as an element used by man. Mechanincs1 tries to question technological process in constant growth and forgetfulness of itself – a process of constant novelties that efface the previous ones.


Direction | João Calixto
Creation and Interpretation | João Calixto e Márcia Lança
Production | Fosso de Orquestra
Partners | VAGAR, FIMP - Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto, FIMFALX, Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica do Instituto Superior Técnico, Alma d’Arame

Duration | 13'
Thanks to
Nuno Tomaz, Francisca Fernandez, Lança e Filho Lda, Tiago Hespanha, João Vladimiro, Adega Batefundo.

16 FEB' 14 . Paris
Théâtre de Vanves

09 FEB' 14 . Porto
Maus Hábitos

07 JUN' 13 . Montemor-o-Novo
Festival Alma d’Arame

16 MAY' 12 . Lisboa
FIMFA - Galeria Boavista

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