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joão calixto & márcia lança
Mecânica 2
“What can be shown can not be said.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

How many points of action can one have over the same thing, independentely of the function for which it has been designed, produced or builted? The exploration of the object’s physical capacities, of their real capacities as material. We don’t start with the idea that a machine can only move in a certain way. We see an idea as a trap and never as a goal. The trap is the way by which we can hear what the things have to say to us. Understand: impulse, direction, weight, velocity, duration. The fact that we start to know well one thing doesn’t mean that we can control it or that we can take of it an amount of rules.

In MECÂNICA 2 the relations between cause and effect aren’t always linear and the way of the actions isn’t always built by success or effectiveness. More than a demonstration of a sequence of events, draws a way about balance and movement.


Direction | João Calixto
Creation and Interpretation | João Calixto e Márcia Lança
Collaboration and Light Design | Frederico Lobo
Technical Direction | Wilma Moutinho
Production Director | Sérgio Parreira
Co-production | Fosso de Orquestra, FIMP – Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto
Support | Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Duration | 50'
Thanks to
Alexandre Coelho, Alkantara, Amândio Anastácio, António e Fernando, Circolando, FIMFALX, Francisca Fernandez, Francisca Santana Maia, Giacomo Scalisi, Gonçalo Antunes, Hélder Rodrigues, Manuel Freitas e António Relógio Ribeiro do Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica – Instituto Superior Técnico, Joaquim Rocha, Jorge Fernandes de Almeida, Lda., Mário Rei, Mata-Carneiros, Nuno Tomaz, Pedro Cardoso, Reis & Reis - Comércio de Sucatas, Lda., Silvério Mendes e Jorge Mendes, Sr. Mira e Sr. Vítor, Teresa Folha e Maria Folha

MECÂNICA 2 is dedicated to Carlos Oliveira – O Biana

22 SEP' 12 . Porto
FIMP - Festival Internacional Marionetas do Porto

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