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Carolina Campos & Márcia Lança
It starts with old photographies, abandoned in flea markets, forgotten, left behind. We grasp this fragment of the world, displace it, move it in time, reframe it, give it a meaning that differs from the original one, making it explode into different directions and meanings. We see these images as fictions that contain realities and not the opposite. We build a territory where truth and lies touch and are muddled, where we accept the idea that life is built with invented narratives and that the future of an image can also rewrite its past. 
Looking at the life of images from this perspective led us to invent biographies, reconstruct facts, create fiction beyond the limits of what is ours and what belongs to others. This work practices imagining what we remember and what we forget - the material that is absolutely necessary to our becoming singular - as being part of another body, of another life, of many others.


Creation and Performance _ Carolina Campos & Márcia Lança | Dramaturgical Support _ João Fiadeiro | Light Design _ Gonçalo Alegria | Production _ VAGAR | Direction of Production _ Ana Carina Paulino | Co-production _ Negócio ZDB e Atelier Real | Support _ Fundação GDA

Thanks to Leonardo Mouramateus, Daniel Pizamiglio, Stephan Jurgens, Martha Morais, Sinara Suzin, Zaratan Arte Contemporânea, Gonçalo Alegria, Rua das Gaivotas6, Sara Vaz, Patrícia Almeida, Adaline Anobile, DuplaCena, Hugo Barros, Ana Félix, Alfredo Haidar, Ivan Haidar, Carlinhos Santos, Paula Giusto, Cia. Matheus Brusa, Rene Mantiñan.

21 NOV' 19 . Beja
Cine-Teatro Pax Júlia

23 NOV' 18 . Lisboa
Temps d'Image - CAL

27 JUL' 18 . Montemor-o-Velho

05 OCT' 17 . Vitoria-Gasteiz - País Basco

06 SEP' 17 . Caxias do Sul - Brasil
Teatro Valentim Lazzarotto

27 AUG' 17 . La Plata - Buenos Aires
El Escudo

27 MAY' 17 . Porto 27 e 28 Maio
Mala Voadora

17 MAY' 17 . Lisboa 17 a 20 Maio
Negócio - ZDB

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