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Márcia Lança & Nuno Lucas
Trompe le Monde
TROMPE LE MONDE is a permanent movement of reinvention, discovery, openness to new places. By suggesting we try to give a possibility of seeing the invisible. Assuming a naive child-like believe in pretending, to make things appearing and disappearing, make-believe, we want to make you daydream. We must close our eyes in order to see. The idea is to imagine.

TROMPE LE MONDE uses tricks and effects, but in moderation.

TROMPE LE MONDE proposes a space of silence for the eye. Listening is a gateway to thinking. The wonderful world of the unsaid.

TROMPE LE MONDE is a place where time passes in a way that is hard to describe, suspended between life and death.

TROMPE LE MONDE is the art of choreographing the imaginable.


Choreography and Performance | Márcia Lança e Nuno Lucas
Light Design | Alexandre Coelho
Sound | Olivier Renouf
Collaboration | Pedro Paiva
Executive Production | Sérgio Parreira
Co-Production | Culturgest e VAGAR
Residency Support | GDA – Gestão dos direitos dos artistas
Artistic Residencies | ACCCA, Bomba Suicida, Teatro Viriato,
Tanzwerkstatt – Berlim, ZDB – Negócio
Support | Grupo Sportivo Adicense, BLOODYMARY & BRAUN

Duration | 50'
Public | > 6 years old

Thanks to
António e Natália Lança, André Thériault, António Pedro Lopes, Benedetta Maxia, Camille Laude, Cinira Macedo, Clara Andermatt, Claúdia Galhoz, Cláudio da Silva, Elpida Orfanidou, Fórum-Dança, Francisco D’Orey, Gael Cornier, Gil Mendo, Hermann Heisig, Inês Botelho, Iuri Albarran, João e Maria Lucas, João Calixto, Jorge e Júlia Almeida, Madeleine Fournier, Maria de Assis, Marta Furtado, Miguel Pereira, Naxto Checa, Nuno Moreira, Paula Garcia, Paulo Ribeiro, Pedro Cal, Pedro Louro, Pedro Valdez Cardoso,, Sabine Seifert, Sinal 26, Sofia Campos, Sofia Matos, Sofia Gonçalves, Susana Lopes, Ulrike Becker e Vladimir Zibnowski


"Seeing the invisible. Here is the challenge that brought together two choreographers and performers - Márcia Lança and Nuno Lucas - for this new show. With Marcia, we go backwards to the history of paper dolls she cuts out during her show “Dos Joelhos para Baixo” where they live in a small town made of houses and churches also of paper. For this story with a refined caustic humour, with successive deaths, Márcia received the award “Jovens Artistas Jovens “ in 2006 and made her a dance creator difficult to catalogue. Right there in the beginning of her artistic journey, the live show appeared as an open unclassified possibility, even though her past was more precisely linked to dance. It is this same understanding of live performane, as an open way to discover that she shares this work with Nuno Lucas - he also trained in contemporary dance, most developed as a performer and a recent author. In these meeting of the two comes this piece, presented as dance. They stress out that "it's a permanent movement of reinvention, discovery, openness to new places". Propose a game of make-believe, where imagining takes a great part and perhaps... we need to close your eyes."

Claudia Galhós, Current, Expresso, No. 1994, January 15, 2011, p. 19

Critic of Dance
A witty family atmosphere
By and with Márcia Lança and Nuno Lucas, Great Auditorium Stage, Culturgest, Day 21 January, 21:30, soldout

"(...) The title of the piece - literally means" fool the world "- alludes to the phrase trompe l 'oeil, a painting technique where the use of optical illusion effects induced
hyper-realistic perceptions. On a large rectangular panel of paper in the background of the stage, the performers draw with a naïf, children look-like house in a landscape. A subtle sound track (the distant sound of a passing plane, chirping of birds, a dog barking in the distance) reinforces the configuration of tableau that the characters will inhabit and transform. They start to get into a funny game out of actions, where despite the initial slow interpretive quality, they start to progressivly simulate possible different physical appearances to each other. The environment immerses progressively into a dark moon, and the characters develop gestures to redesign and build on, now an empty space, the frame that was previously visible. By repetition and expansion, their gestures are converted into an interesting statement about how functional movements, taken out of context and purpose, acquire choreographic qualities. In the end, objects resting on a long black fabric that cover all stage floor lead us to the earlier scenes: the floating of an open book evokes the tweet of a bird, a cardboard box reminds us of the image of the house with the its roof, the plastic bag floating in the air, the course of a cloud, etc.. Unexpectedly, the black fabric is sucked out of stage and brings with it the traces of all occurrences. From the spoils of time and life stories remains the silence and the nothingness.Trompe le monde is about the space of imagination that exists between reality and it’s representation. The atmosphere come and go, play and disused, transitions well woven, and is recovered something of lost innocence and charm of a fairy tale. (...) "

Luísa Roubaud, Caderno > Culture, Público Online - Newspaper, Friday 28, February 2011


07 DEC' 11 . Paris
Théâtre du Fil de l’Eau, Danse en Chantier

21 JAN' 11 . Lisboa
Culturgest - Grande Auditório

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